About Us

We are non profit team committed to new hampshire students


With support from people like you, chartered public schools are providing new and critically-needed educational opportunities for thousands of New Hampshire students and their families. Unfortunately, charter schools are under attack at the state capital by special interest groups intent on retaining their privilege at the expense of our students and families. The NH Alliance Charter School Action Network is a statewide organization founded by parents, teachers, heads of school and school founders. The Charter School Action Network stands up and fights back, working hard to make a positive difference for New Hampshire students and their families.


NHACSA is a nonprofit, organization. We work closely with our partner, the New Hampshire Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NHAPCS), a nonprofit organization that brings together parents, teachers, students, school leaders and supporters who all share a common goal: to improve the quality of public education by ensuring access to and strengthening charter schools throughout the state. Together we harness the power of our community to support New Hampshire students and defend their access to these important public programs.

For a day when New Hampshire students regardless of their socioeconomic status can choose the school that best meets their needs and receive the support and protection that they deserve.

To increase the number of high-quality and accountable public education options available to New Hampshire students. To advocate for public charter schools in the state of New Hampshire.